portfolio_image3A-1 QLS offers a unique variety of labor services and solutions which include on-site workers and project teams at a fixed cost. In-addition, we provide staffing models that support pay rolling services, contractors, Direct-Hire or Head-Hunting for right fit talent.   We provide unloading services and offer a wide range of warehouse labor solutions. Our service offerings include a full-line of shipping and receiving models, order selection, put-away, auditing and quality assurance, inventory control and management. Additionally we offer many facility support services such as fleet washing, painting, sanitation, janitorial services, pallet repair and yard hoslting services.

Our creative performance payroll models set us apart from our competition. On a daily basis, the amount of compensation to our workers depends on the accuracy, efficiency, and overall quality of their work performed. A-1 QLS has adapted our performance based payroll structured from our material handling and lumping experience to incent our workers. We believe in getting the job done correctly the first time while promoting increased productivity and efficiency.

Our process is highly organized, planned, and methodical utilizing many lean and quality techniques. Well-oiled machine for providing labor solutions of right-fit talent with processes that are consistent, tireless, and relentless. Our process is proven, repeatable, and productive. The Result is timely filled orders, right fit candidates, accuracy, efficiency, and overall quality of their work performed. A-1 QLS takes a data-driven approach to labor solutions with a strong focus on key performance indicators with consistent, transparent and effective measures against those KPIs. We use Top flight innovative technology and analytics to support success, high quality, and show key stakeholders (ROI), while reducing cost from previous programs.

Flexible Labor – Special Projects

We are accustomed to handling many types of projects that may not be typical of daily business operations, such as:

  • Product Labeling, Product Liquidation, Re-packaging
  • Forklift, Clerical shipping & receiving duties, on-site management
  • Banding/Branding, Disaster Recovery, Shipping and Receiving
  • RF Receiving, Receiver Reconciliations, Order Picking
  • Product Storage, down stacking, Re-palletizing
  • Customer Order Auditing, Auditing for manufacture defects, Janitorial Services
  • Trailer Spotting, Kitting, Sub-assembly, and Pallet Alignment

Use our Expertise and Global Reach to augment your needs for labor solutions, finding candidates, support operations, and functions with A-1 QLS Talent. Improve the Quality of candidates.

Managing the recruitment based operations and functions within an organization is an expensive, labor intensive, and time consuming responsibility due to many factors:

  • Resource Reduction, Less People and More Work, Continually being pushed to do more with less. Hiring, Training and Personnel Development.
  • Daily Management of Associates, Workload and Output.
  • Oversight of Processes and Procedures to ensure accurate and timely results.
  • Cannot overcome bottlenecks and backlogs due to lack of People and Resources.
  • Cannot reach your departmental and organizational goals because your High Valued Associates are working on Low Value Activities.

As an early entrant in this process we are experts in providing strategy, solutions, and services to solve complex business issues and achieve results. We create and deliver valued support:

  • Reduced Management Costs, Scalability / Flow to Work
  • Managed Service Provider Support, On-demand Access to Expertise
  • Lower Training Costs, Increased Productivity / Product Stewardship / Product Safety Support

Organizations that use our capacity services can experience:

  • Up to a 40 percent reductions in resource spend, enabling increased output for comparable cost. Increased flexibility in capacity to better meet changing demands and eliminate non-productive idle time.
  • Real-time access to skilled resources and a 5 to 10 percent improvement in project start-up time. Simplified contracting terms.
  • We try to submit all candidates for contract orders with 48 hours and submit direct hire orders within 14 days of receiving valid job order and signed contract from client.

Our Unique Approach Focuses on Technical Expertise, Cultural Fit, and Just-In-Time availability.

As experts within the warehousing, supply chain, transportation, and logistics Industries, we know that augmenting your current staff capacity is not just about finding the right technical resource. Our unique and novel approach recognizes that you have your own processes, methodologies, and culture – all of which significantly contribute to your ability to develop high quality goods or products. Our approach to recruiting is both innovative and cutting edge.

Why are we successful where other companies fail!

  • We don’t try to be all things to all people. Our approach is to partner, strategically, with only a few organizations = taking the time to learn about their culture, processes, procedures, technical and business needs before developing a customized program to meet their labor and Staffing needs.
  • We use a rigorous on-boarding process to meet the high standards of our partners. Our customers can be reassured that when we submit a candidate they will exceed the technical requirements of the organization, have substantial expertise in the technologies and domains of our customers, and most importantly have the soft-skills and cultural aptitude to fit into our partners organization.
  • We have Global reach. We use consultants based in the customer’s geography that can work in close coordination with the client company.
  • We offer talent on-demand.


We are pleased to meet face to face and discuss cost cutting measures that will save you both money and headache. Our ON-SITE presentation will educate you about the services that we offer. Together we can customize and integrate those services specifically tailored for your operation.

Professional Freight Handling

The objective of our freight handling service is to load and unload, sort, segregate, palletize, and shrink-wrap product to our customers’ specifications.

  • Providing professional freight handlers to load and unload trailers, containers, and railcars.
  • Specializing in high sku’s, floor loaded, mixed product.

On-Site Management

  • Exists as your leadership team’s single point of contact.
  • Establishes and reinforces proper work standards and procedures.
  • Ensures proper supervision, communication, and employee training.

Fixed Measurable Cost

A-1 QLS’ fixed cost models can be tailored to provide several rate options for controlling your labor expenses while promoting increased productivity.  Many times a fixed cost solution can be designed to match your operation’s key performance indicators.

  • When possible, a per unit rate is established; therefore:
  • You pay only for work that is completed and completed correctly.
  • You pay for productive time only, not down time.
  • Your costs are measurable and highly visible, allowing for greater cost control.
  • Your labor costs are easily projected on a daily, period, or annual basis.

Production Support

    • Line Delivery
    • Raw Materials Line Takeaway – Finished Goods
    • Machine Loading
    • Scrap/Re-Work
    • Inspection

Miscellaneous Plant Services

    • Building Maintenance
    • Grounds Maintenance
    • Security
    • Sanitation/Janitorial
    • Value-Add Services

On-site Warehouse

    • Unloading
    • Putaway
    • Picking
    • Shipping
    • Inspection
    • Pallet Mgmt
    • Trailer Switching

Distribution Center

    • Unloading
    • Inspection / QA
    • Putaway
    • Picking
    • Shipping
    • Freight Hauling
    • Cycle Counting
    • Sanitation
    • Janitorial
    • Trailer Spotting/Switching
    • Pallet Management

Value-add Services

    • Store Display
    • Kitting
    • Mod Pallets
    • Sub-Assembly
    • Configure-To-Order
    • Re-box/Re-label

Returns Center

    • Unloading, Sort/Seg, Inspection / QA, Re-Box / Re-Label, Testing, Light Repair

Types of Services: Fixed cost projects, Contractors, Pay rolling services, Direct-Hire (Head-Hunting).

Contingent: A recruiter working on contingency is paid no money until the job is filled. Although you pay nothing upfront, you may get inundated with candidates. The recruiter may take a shotgun approach because he/she wants to fill the job as quickly as possible.

Retained: You pay the recruiter an upfront fee based on the salary level of the position you’re trying to fill. You usually pay one-third at the beginning, another third at an agreed upon landmark in the process, and the remainder when someone’s hired.

Contract: The recruiter works on a straight hourly rate. We bill hourly for time worked at client location. This can sometimes include per diem if travel is involved or overnight stay. The logic behind this ties directly to the experience, education, skill set and availability of the candidate/contractor. The largest single component of the bill rate is how much you are going to have to pay the contractor on an hourly basis. Essentially, the hourly bill rate to a company includes the following:

Hourly Pay Rate + Tax Burden + G&A (Back-Office)= Hourly Bill-Rate