Why Now?

At its most basic level, labor services are still a matter of hiring specialized talent to gain a competitive advantage. But today more than ever, filling open requisitions, reducing cost, and filling multiple roles in a timely manner is key. Many reasons companies are in need of these services today are:

  • Growth of current market orders.
  • Not filling orders due to either closed, late submittals, slow process, quality, lost to competitor, hard- to- fill hard- to- find.
  • Lack of competitive pay, training or education incentives to obtain new credentials or certifications.
  • Process, lacking in Domain Knowledge, need training in new sourcing techniques or methods.
  • Abundance of orders with no process or procedures to reduce fill time, cost savings, and support client’s needs.


Growth of customer base in US and Europe?

  • Most don’t have TOP notch CRM/ATS, having ready available talent is key. Clients will see quality in our program, procedures, processes, techniques, on-boarding, training, etc.
  • Growth, backlog, or downsize of our current supported industries Overfill in orders.

The revamp of current economy has created new jobs within Supply Chain, warehousing, logistics, transportation. Within an always growing industry; and has turned into the industry’s latest buzz phrase. We need readily available talent in a timely manner. Even in a tough labor market, the unemployment rate for technology jobs is very low.