portfolio_image1THE BIRTH OF A1QLS

We are A-1 Quality Logistical Solutions, LLC. The forerunner of A1QLS began as a material handling company in July of 2001, centrally located in the Ohio valley region (Cincinnati, Ohio). Within three years, our brand began to evolve into a fixed cost labor model featuring managed labor with a pay for performance payroll structure including productivity bonuses and rewards. William Foster, the owner and president, instituted a restructuring of the company to emplace a management team of industry professionals to provide for three areas of expertise: Productivity and Customer Service, Business Development and Compliance. With these positions filled, A-1 Quality Logistical Solutions LLC, was born 2004. Our core values revolve around providing superlative customer orientated service, an expert and versatile management infrastructure, and on-site managed warehouse labor.


We are a privately owned company that believes in “service first” and the relationships that are built with our customers. We know firsthand what it takes to be successful and pride ourselves on partnering with our customer. A1QLS evaluates our accomplishments using our customer’s definition of success.  Our goal is to align our business model with the customer’s long term goals and execute the realization of these goals.  We partner with our customers for the long haul. We want to be your labor solution not your ‘Temp Company’.


Three key traits distinguish us from our competitors: business bundling capabilities, worker payroll creativity, and an aggressive and proactive response team.

  1. Although our company originated strictly as an unloading service, we currently offer a wide range of warehouse labor solutions. Our service offerings include a full line of shipping and receiving models, order selection, put-away, auditing and quality assurance, inventory control and management. Additionally we offer many facility support services such as fleet washing, painting, sanitation, janitorial services, pallet repair and yard hoslting services.
  2. Our creative performance payroll models set us apart from our competition. On a daily basis, the amount of compensation to our workers chiefly depends on the accuracy, efficiency, and overall quality of their work performed. A1 has adapted our performance based payroll structured from our material handling and lumping experience to incent our workers. We believe in getting the job done correctly the first time while promoting increased productivity and efficiency.
  3. Service First. Two words that all members of the A1 leadership team strive to promote. Our aggressive and proactive response network allows us to deliver on this promise. From the founder and owner to the dock lead, our detailed operations organization is designed to ensure that all accounts and customers are being properly monitored for quality assurance. With the levels of organization and checks and balances in our company, potential or pre-issues are often caught and prevented from becoming true operational issues; hence often times being silent to the customers perception. However, in the event an issue does arise, whether our management team or the customer notifies us of an issue, members of our management team arrive on-site in support of immediately correcting the issue.

Staff Training and Certifications

We send all our staff through a rigorous training and certification process.
We are a TWIC certified national service represented all over the United States
We have managers and on-site members with PMP credentials from PMI.
Our account managers and recruitment team members carry certifications such as CPC and CPSP.

Expertise & Knowledge

Experience within proven processes and procedures that are repeatable and productive.  We have been serving Fortune 500 companies for over a decade meanwhile working with small to medium size companies for just as long.  Meanwhile building value through, hands-on management expertise, collaborative relationships, strategic planning, highly-productive teams and measured economic results.

Continuously Investing in the Future – Using Technology to Improve Performance

Our proprietary, dynamic operating and reporting system with handheld technology enables us to accurately capture multiple data points for each activity. We provide a interactive dashboard of information for any period of time (day, week, month, quarter, year) and at any level of the operational hierarchy (site, region, corporate). This provides our partners with enhanced data analysis for analytics and business intelligence.  We benchmark specific trends against industry segments and comparable operations, and can drill down to pinpoint specific opportunities.

Hiring and Training for right fit talent:

We conduct market analysis for each operation that enables a unique recruiting and hiring plan. Our recruitment team and managers then use a “matching strategy” to examine operational needs and facilitate hiring. An effort of resume screens, telephone calls, in-person interviews, and behavioral strength assessments are used to ensure the right fit talent of associates will serve our clients.

Safety Is No Accident:

Our safety first approach is continuously reinforced from our on-site managers and throughout the organization. We pride ourselves on an extensive safety training and awareness program. We have developed and coordinated safety awareness activities, programs, audits, and training. We have team members in place to audit, train, track, and facilitate our continued safe performance.

We are equal opportunity Employer:

After five rough years in an economy that turned people out of their jobs in record numbers, closed businesses, and turned real estate values upside down, there is some good news for those involved with talent acquisition. The U.S. Staffing Industry Forecast expects staffing and recruiting to grow six percent in 2014, with a continued and probable increased need for labor professionals to support advances in warehousing, transportation, supply-chain, and logistics.  As the economy slowly recovers, talent acquisition trends to watch in 2014 – 2015 include hiring vets and military candidates.  We pride our focus on strategic recruiting with talent pipelines, internal talent advocates, diversity recruiting, attention to candidate experience, and operational effectiveness.